How You Can Help Stop Child Sex Trafficking BEFORE It Happens!

The Best Offense Is a Good... Guardian Group

Guardian Group is focused on ending sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking, in the USA. They are a “team of teams” experienced in leading organizations within the United States Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice.

We asked Guarding Group (GG), "Since you're a ' "Team of Teams," comprised of former special operations military, law enforcement and intelligence community professionals,' why focus on training businesses?

GG: While the rescue and recovery of children is paramount, our offensive advantage enables us to disrupt the exploitation cycle before rescue becomes necessary.

F14: Aha! So you have both an offensive aspect and a defensive aspect. We care about both, and as much as possible preventing human trafficking occurring in the first place, meaning someone doesn’t experience the abuse and trauma of trafficking. It’s by far the best scenario!


F14: Do you have something specific that you have made progress on in the past year (however large or small!) that you would like to highlight to people who care about anti-trafficking, so we can celebrate together?

GG: One accomplishment that Guardian Group has made progress on in the past year is the creation and implementation of the Guardian Seal Training.  This online training for the hospitality, travel and security industry is a one-of-a-kind training to help businesses spot and report human trafficking in their businesses.  

Since we know that the hospitality industry has unfortunately become the major shelter for commercial sex trafficking in the United States, this training program was created to not only reduce the risk of liability in this industry but also is positioned to make a large impact on trafficking occurring in hotels.  

F14: Amazing! So this professional training for hospitality, travel and security is available not only nationwide in the USA, but worldwide. Is it only for those industries?

GG: This training program is also being discussed with businesses such as AirBnB and Uber.  Corporations like Chevron and CA Technologies are interested in partnering with Guardian Group with this training program, since this aligns with their corporate responsibility and employee travel policies.

F14: Very cool. Having people in those types of businesses and corporations would significantly expand the people nation-wide, if not worldwide, trained in prevention.

GG: The Guardian Seal Training has been endorsed by industry associations and law enforcement, and is gaining attention with the increase of businesses being held liable for turning a blind eye to the problem of trafficking in their operations.  Businesses that have gone through this training program are identifying and reporting cases of human trafficking.

Because of this training, Guardian Group has been asked to testify on new legislation being introduced that will require hotels and motels to have training on human trafficking.


GG: As an individual, a business owner or decision maker, there are two ways:


Join with communities across the nation by taking a stand and speaking out.

  • Ask hotels if they have the Guardian Seal Training
  • Ask your local legislation about their Counter-Trafficking measures
  • Follow, like and share content on Social Media platforms #IAMAGUARDIAN


  • Post the Guardian Seal ( at your place of business by taking our online training course.
  • Make the training a requirement for your employees so your business is no longer taken advantage of, and your employees will have access to a reporting mechanism to make that process as seamless as possible.

Thank you for your support!

Together we can “Bring the Fight to Human Trafficking.” #IAMAGUARDIAN

Find out more about Guardian Group & the Guardian Seal at


F14: Guardian Group, this is awesome! This training is so vital. It will help people tell the difference between signs of trafficking they should report to authorities immediately, and other things that are concerns, but not trafficking, SO THAT law enforcement gets good quality and timely "intel" from having discerning eyes on the look out. So cool!

F14: For us, this type of training is the difference between



Pick Up Your Shield: Take, require or ask your business to provide the Guardian Seal Training. Click here to submit your interest.

All of these arrests became possible due to the close collaboration of trained civilian investigators who turn qualified leads over to the appropriate law agencies.
— David Batstone, Founder of Not For Sale, referring to Not For Sale Academy training in spotting red flags