Chefs & Shoes: How a Father & Son Are Stopping Slavery via Scalable Ventures

Chefs & Shoes.

San Francisco-based, globally-minded Not For Sale (NFS) is using business and innovation to address multiple aspects of trafficking in multiple places, both preventing slavery before it ever happens & and, in some instances stopping it from recurring and walking with women on their journey out of commercial sexual exploitation.

From NYC and London to Amsterdam and the Peruvian rain forest, Not For Sale is leveraging chefs and shoes to help stop modern slavery.

There are various risk factors for human trafficking, one of them is lack of economic opportunity. In places all over the world, there are people are at risk because they lack job opportunities.

Victims are lured by the offer of a false job, often in another place, whether in their own city or country or crossing international borders. Following the initial deception, they may then be coerced, manipulated or threatened.

A second group are at risk for the same reason, with one additional risk factor. They have already survived trafficking once. Survivors are often at risk of re-exploitation, especially if they lack job skills.

Not For Sale is pioneering how businesses can play a role in both types of risk reduction and prevention, both pre- and post-exploitation.


Two initiatives stand out from this past year!

Dignity for People and the Planet

NFS has just created an upstream business solution to modern slavery / human trafficking in the Peruvian rainforest. This year, NFS launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to start Z Shoes Organic.

Check out their story in the video.

"Organically certified shoes that will return to the eco-system in your lifetime. Empowers native communities of the Peruvian Amazon in the supply chain."

The second thing is the recent opening of NFS's second Dignita restaurant in Amsterdam's city center. This not only validates the business model, but the second location also "creates more internship and training capacity for the vulnerable people helped by Not For Sale."

Here's what ALOE BLACC had to say about it:

This is one we can literally celebrate together! "Share your congrats here."


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