Freedom Forward: Celebrating the Progress of 4 Fantastic Anti-Trafficking Organzations (And Highlighting Specific Ways You Can Help Stop Modern Slavery)

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It's Day 7, the end of week 1. Here's a recap in case you joined in mid-week or missed something along the way. (life can get pretty full sometimes. we know.)

Day 0

5 Simple and Specific Steps Anyone (Including Me) Can Take To Help Stop Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking, Plus ... An Invitation

  • Featured: Freedom Fortnight's Invitation
  • Focus Aspect: Celebrating Progress & Helping People Take Specific Anti-Trafficking
  • Focus Location: Global
  • Actions for: Everyday People, anyone who is aware of human trafficking and has asked "but what can I do?!"

Day 1

Too Young To Tackle Human Trafficking?

  • Featured: Youth Underground
  • Focus Aspect: Youth Awareness Raising & Education
  • Focus Location: Worldwide (Switzerland based)
  • Actions for: Youth, Educators

Day 2

How You Can Help Stop Child Sex Trafficking BEFORE It Happens!

  • Featured: Guardian Group
  • Focus Aspect: Child Sex Trafficking (DMST) & Prevention Training
  • Focus Place: USA
  • Actions For: Hotel, Security, Hospitality Industry Workers, Owners & Decision Makers

Day 3

How Yoga Is Breaking The Cycle Of Sex Trafficking

  • Featured: Sudara Goods
  • Focus Aspect: Social Enterprise, Job Provision, Skills Training, Early Intervention
  • Focus Place: India
  • Actions For: Yoga people, instructors, venue owners, university students, coffee run attire wearers, pajama purchasers

Day 4

How 4 Big Companies Are Addressing Slavery In Their Supply Chains (And You Can, Too!)

  • Featured: FRDM by Made In a Free World
  • Focus Aspect: Supply Chains
  • Focus Place: Global
  • Actions For: Consumers, Procurement or Risk Managers, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officers or business, government or ngo Decision Maker

Day 5

Collaboration Throughout The Nations (Plus, How Business Professionals Can Play A Part In The Front Lines Fight Against Human Trafficking)

  • Featured: Freedom Collaborative
  • Focus Aspect: Collaboration & Networking & Equipping the Anti-Trafficking Community
  • Focus Place: Global
  • Actions For: Business Professionals, Media Professionals, Social Media Managers & Users

Day 6 - Rest (Whew.)

Day 7 - Recap : )

That was it. Right there. The recap.

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