This March 20th, fill feeds with flowers for freedom!

(Let's be honest. We could all probably use a little more beauty, hope and encouragement in our feeds (and lives!))

Join with Freedom Fortnight and help create a day to declare "Let Freedom Spring!"

& (virtually and actually) celebrate and appreciate those working to cultivate dignity, life and freedom in people's lives at risk of/affected by modern slavery/human trafficking.

We'd love as many individuals and small teams to be celebrated and thanked as possible, and for that to happen, we need you to join in!

Level 1: Virtual

  1. Post pictures of flowers, growth or springtime scenes on social media
  2. Add a note or a quote about growth or new life, etc. (Maybe write an original poem...)
  3. Tag someone you want to appreciate or encourage.
  4. Don't forget to tag us, too, so we can celebrate them with you. (Insta/fb: @freedomfortnight - Twitter/Snapchat: @frdmfortnight)
  5. #LetFreedomSpring!

Next Level: IRL - In Real Life

  1. Give some fairtrade/ethically sourced flowers or live plants (or chocolate!) to someone you know working to address modern slavery/human trafficking.
  2. Hand write them a note thanking them for what they're doing!
  3. If appropriate, post a photo & tag the person you're thanking
  4. Don't forget to tag us, too, so we can celebrate them with you. (Insta/fb @freedomfortnight - Twitter/Snapchat: @frdmfortnight)).
  5. #LetFreedomSpring!

Save the Date: March 20th

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